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Aluminum Enclosures For Electronics |

All METCASE enclosures can be easily customized with holes and

Aluminum Box, Aluminum Shell PCB Circuit Board DIY

Aluminum Box, Aluminum Shell PCB Circuit Board DIY

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Aluminum Enclosure Case Silver DIY Electronic Circuit Board Project PCB Instrument Box Case for Heat-dissipating Aluminum Casing of Electronic Products, 3.2×5.7×5.9inch 1 Currently unavailable. JIUWU Black Surface Drawing Aluminum Enclosure Project Box Electronic Enclosure Case for PCB Board DIY, 110x64.2x23.5mm (LWH) 6

Metal Enclosures For Electronics | Metcase

Modern metal enclosures for OEM electronics equipment. METCASE manufactures an extensive range of metal enclosures for desktop, wall mount, portable and 19\" rack mounted electronics equipment. They are manufactured from high quality aluminum. Their modern and ergonomic design makes them suitable for a wide variety of electronics applications

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Eightwood Aluminum Enclosure Electronic Project Box DIY Black -2.95 x 2.75 x 0.94 inch (L*W*H) 59 $899 FREE delivery Wed, May 3 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon Eightwood Aluminum Enclosure Electronic Project Box Case for PCB Instrument Amplifier DIY 3.94 x3.94 x1.97 inch (LWH) 57 $1399

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Product List YONGU Custom Design Aluminum Electronic Box H10A 88*38mm For PCB YONGU Control PCB Box Wall-mounted Electronic Equipment Enclosures J.8*24mm YONGU Cutomized CNC Machining PCB Extruded Split Aluminum Enclosure H*32mm YONGU Circuit Pcb Custom Split Aluminum Enclosure H46

Electronic Shell Prototype Extruded Aluminum Enclosure Aluminum

One-stop service for your prototype and mass production needs. Best Extrusion Enclosure PCB Housing Box, Extruded Aluminum Enclosure Electronic Shell Prototype Extruded Aluminum Aluminum Extrusion supplied by Zhendong Precision Metal

PCBnclosures - Choosing The Right PCBnclosure - Versa

Folded Metal PCB Enclosures. The best example of folded metal enclosures is the old computer cases of the 90s. The enclosures were formed from steel sheet metal or folded aluminum. They usually have two or more distinct pieces that are screwed together to form a box. For applications that require a large physical footprint, folded metal